2014 Minutes

Meeting held Carmarthen golf Club 7.00pm held on 20th. November 2014.

Committee present:- President; Stewart Evans Carmarthen, Chairman;
Keith Lewis Cardigan, Vice President; Wayne Cooper Milford Haven, Secretary;
William Beynon Tenby.

Clubs present:- Aberystwyth, Ashburnham, Cardigan, Carmarthen,
Cwmrhydneuadd, Garnant Park, Glyn Abbey, Glynhir, Haverfordwest, Milford Haven,
Penrhos, Priskilly Forrest, South Pembs, Tenby.

Presidents welcoming address:-
“Gentlemen good evening and welcome to the annual general meeting of the 3 counties summer league or more commonly known as the rabbits league. It’s particularly pleasing to see so many of you have made the journey to attend this evening. I would like to thank Carmarthen Golf Club for once again allowing us to use their facilities for tonight’s meeting.

The weather we have had for 2014 season was more favourable than the previous year with only the odd re-arranged march, but again we have seen some excellent matches in both pools, and it’s pleasing to see that all fixtures were completed in Pool A and Pool B according to the web site.

The continued use of bonus points for the first six games in a match still has had a positive change to the league format and has proved to be instrumental in the league winners.

In Pool A, Garnant and Carmarthen, were all in the mix to become champions during the final days of thd season where Carmarthen’s home loss proved their undoing, where Garnant won the league again on their last game of the season.

Many congratulations go to John Dunn and his Garnant team finishing winners of Pool A.

Commiserations go to Glyn Abbey for being relegated to Pool B for the forthcoming 2014 season where only six and a half points were between mid to bottom of the table, and Glynhir also being relegated by the single point.

Pool B also saw some very competitive and exciting matches. Rod Mason and Haverfordwest emerging as clear winners by 9.5 points only loosing 2 games all season of the 14 matches played, an excellent achievement giving them a total of 78 points. Aberystwyth were runners up, the difference from Penrhos was the away draw, and congratulations to both Haverfordwest and Aberystwyth on their promotion to Pool A for the forthcoming 2015.

The winners of both pools will be presented with their trophies later this evening.

This year’s open was held at Cardigan golf club on Saturday 21st. June 2014 it was an excellent day a little windy plus the rain stayed away, with a good entry supporting this annual event. I can personally vouch it was a very enjoyable day where I had a vey good knock and many thanks to Keith with his hospitality on the day. I’ me sure that our Chairman, Mr. Keith Lewis Cardigan golf club will give us further details.

Some thank you’s:-

To Bill Beynon our secretary for another years  work in administering  and collating all the results and the website – your efforts are much appreciated by us all.

To Keith Lewis our chairman for the rabbits open. A thank you for your attendance here this evening and your respective team members representing your golf club. I wish you a very enjoyable 2015 season.

Garnant golf club 2015 open venue I hope all clubs will support.

Finally this is my last meeting as President of the league. Can I thank you all for your on going support of the Rabbit’s League which is very close to my heart. I wish you all the best in the future.

Also I wish Wayne Cooper all the best in his two years of Presidency.

3. The minutes of the last Meeting:- The minutes of the last AGM were read and accepted as a true record proposed Ashburnham and seconded by Cwmrhydneuadd.

4. Matters arising:-  There were no matters arising from last minutes.

5. Chaitman’s report; The weather was kind to us making golf most pleasurable.  We at Cardigan hosted 13 of 14 Clubs and we are grateful for the cooperation of the Clubs who attended for which we appreciate very much. We were fortunate and thank our major sponsors for the prizes given. The day itself was very pleasant and the course played fair and the greens were good but no one broke 40 points. Congratulations to Jim Hughes a 24 handicapper from Haverfordwest who came first in that group with Dan Sweeney came first in the 15 to 21 handicap group. Haverfordwest won the team prize with Ashburnham coming second. I would like to thank all the clubs who supported the raffle prizes your support was very much appreciated. Thanks go to Stewart Evans and his input to the Rabbits. Thanks to Bill for his secretarial duties. Congratulations to pool winners and runners up. It leaves me only to hand over the Chairmanship to Kerry Rice of Garnant and offer him our support.

6. Secretaries report:- 
“Gentlemen good evening. Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their participation and assistance in returning their results quickly and efficiently as possible during the 2014 season. Suffice it to say some e-mails or texts could include a little more information and as I mentioned last AGM I will mention again this year and encourage the Captains of each club to report the result as soon as possible with as much information as possible regarding who you are and who was the home team etc…

I would like to thank Stewart for his support during his term as president. He has been a valuable asset to the Three Counties Rabbit’s Summer League and will be missed as he is standing down this year.

However we have someone who is more than capable taking his place in the guys of Wayne Cooper from Milford Haven Golf Club. Welcome Wayne

The governing body will be accompanied by Keith Lewis from Cardigan Golf Club who was 2014’s chairman and will be our new Vice President for 2015, welcome Keith. I must apologise to Keith as I missed the open day at Cardigan due to the fact I was recovering from an small operation.

The executive or Governing body is here to serve you not only as a club member but also as individual members so if you need to discuss any matter in relation to the Three Counties Summer League, then please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us. Finally I would like to wish all the teams here present all the best for the new summer season 2014.”

7. Appointment of Executive Committee:-
President: Wayne Cooper Milford Haven Golf Club
Vice President: Keith Lewis Cardigan Golf Club
Chairman; Kerry Rise, Garnant Golf Club
Secretary: William Beynon Tenby Golf Club

8. New Chairman’s Report:-
Kerry Rice Garnant: Kerry started by stating that he is hoping to do as good a job as possible on the Open Day. Kerry apologised to Cardigan as they were the absentee club at their Open Day due to the stresses of the changes occurring at Garnant Golf Club.

9. Member Proposals:- Proposed Glyn Abbey and seconded by Glynhir…

1. To double points for away win or draw (8pts away win, 6pts home win, 4pts away half, 2 pts home half) this rewards the result and lessens the effect of the bonus points without scrapping them altogether.

A discussion took place looking at the pros and cons about the existing system and the new proposals and after a lengthy discussion the proposal was voted upon with 7 votes in favour and 7 votes against with the Chairman’s vote tipping in favour of the vote against this proposal, thus there will be no change to the scoring system next year. A second proposal to increase the bonus points given to the number of pairs on every match was withdrawn.

2. Garnant proposed that the age limit to play in the Three Counties Summer League be reduced from 16 to 14 years of age. This was discussed and the proposal was withdraw as a number of the clubs do not have adequate facilities for under 16’s children’s changing rooms and suitably accredited personnel to supervise them as legally required.

10. Any other business:- Wayne Cooper of Milford Haven suggested that it would be a good idea to invite other golf clubs into the Three Counties Summer League. After a short discussion it was unanimously approved that the secretary should write to Trefloyne, Machynys, Cilgywn and Derlyis Golf clubs asking if they would like to join the Three Counties Summer League.

11. Presentation of trophies. The trophies for the respective Pools were presented by the President to John Dunn Captain of Garnant golf club winners of Pool A, and to Rod Mason Captain of Haverfordwest winners of Pool B.

12. Close of meeting. Next meeting to be arranged…