Rules and Conditions

1. Rules and Conditions.

This is a league for 13- 36 Handicap golfers over the age of 16, of any gender. (AGM 2017)

a)      All players of a participating Golf Club to have an active CONGU handicap (Dec 2011).

b)      Players are only available for selection to the team representing their nominated home club , they maybe members of two clubs within the league, but may only represent one in this league (their nominated club) during that year. (AGM 2017)
c)      No player may represent more than one Golf Club during one season.
d)      A player may use a GPS device in accordance with the rules laid down by R & A St. Andrews. (2013)

2. Eligibility and Conditions of Selection.
a)      All players must have a current playing handicap in accordance with the Standard Scratch Score as currently implemented by the Council of National Golf Unions. This also applies to the Rabbits Open .(AGM 2017)

b)     “All team players eligible to play shall have playing Handicaps from 13 to 28 inclusive. Maximum allowance for matches will be 28 with 9/10s of the handicap difference from the lowest handicapped player in each case, with no maximum limit. Each Captain shall  combine the handicaps of each of his pairings and thereafter these pairings must tee off in ascending order (lowest combined handicap total to tee off first, second combined handicap total to tee off second etc.). Each Captain will present his pairings with their handicaps to the opposing Captain prior to the match commencing. Once this has been done, the pairings can only be changed with the permission of the opposing Captain (to cater for late arrivals, illness etc.).”(Nov’ 2015). Due to the alterations to the Golf Handicap system, an upper limit of (maximum Handicap) of 28. All golfers above this, will play off 28. (AGM 2017). This rule also applies to the Rabbits Open(AGM2017)

c)      If the Captain of the Club’s Rabbits’ section has a reduction in handicap below 13 during his year of office, he alone may still play in league matches off his new handicap – (exception to rule 3(d)). This rule also applies to the Rabbits Open (agm 2017)
d)      If a non-eligible player is playing in a match, the game in which that player played shall be awarded to the opposing team.
e)      Juniors will be permitted to play in league matches provided:
1.                              They have reached 16 years of age as at 1st. April of that current season.
2.                              They are restricted to two juniors per team.
3.                              They will not be permitted to play together.

f) Should any member of the executive committee fall below the existing playing handicap limit of 13 during their tenure/office, they shall be allowed to continue as “honorary playing members” until such time as they relinquish their post/office. (Nov’ 2013)

3. Conditions of Play.
a)      The format for matches will be four-ball better ball played on a home and away basis.
b)      Teams shall consist of a minimum of 12 players (6 pairs) per Club. The maximum shall be agreed by the respective captains concerned. The results of games played between one player of one side and two players of the other side, shall be counted in the final match result only if there is an odd number of players in the team concerned. A team shall not be allowed to split an even number of pairings to form two games of a 3 ball format to make up the number of teams competing.
c)      The Captains will communicate the number of players to the no later than 8.00pm on Thursday prior to the match.(2011)
d)      If a Club fails to field the minimum of 12 players, or the agreed number, they then concede the points for the games not played.
e)      Tee off times shall be between 1 and 2 pm or as agreed between the respective Captains.
f)        The tees to be used for the match shall be specified by the home Captain. Ladies will abide by the rules of play for that that day as set by the home captain. The stroke index will be taken relevant to the male tees in play. (AGM 2017)

g)      A match will be abandoned when instructed by an Official of the Club where the match is being played – eg: torrential rain, fog, and/or high wind: wind alone will not prevent a match from being played.
h)       When the greens become water logged or partially water logged, it will be agreed between both Captains that the match be abandoned.
i)        When it has been agreed to abandon a match for any of the above reasons, every effort must be made by the respective Captains to arrange a replay date. If agreement cannot be reached, the President/Chairman and Secretary of the league will adjudicate on all the issues and come to a decision which will be final.
j)        When the Officers referred to have considered all the facts why a replay date cannot be considered within a specified period, the match will then be declared an honorable half.

4. Match Scoring.

Points will be awarded as follows:- 1 bonus point will be awarded for the first 6 individual match’s won. Bonus points will be awarded to the team totals as follows:

Away win          5 points
Home win          4 points
Away half          3 points
Home half         1 point           (Amended 2018 AGM)

In the event of a tie in either Pool at the conclusion of the season, then the final position will be determined by an accumulation of points achieved comprising: –

1.    The most individual matches won.
2.    The most away wins.
3.    The most away halves.
4.    The most home wins.
5.    The most home halves.

The team to amount the most individual wins; team wins and halves in accumulation first will be adjudged the higher placed team. (2013)

If both teams are still tied then a play off will be held at a neutral course. The venue to be decided by a draw of courses excluding the course of the Clubs concerned, or a course agreed mutually between the teams concerned.

5. Administrative Matters.
a)      Match results are to be sent to the Secretary by Any member of either team , No later than 7 days post the match . (AGM 2018)
b)      In the event of the result not being received by the Secretary on or before the deadline, no points will be awarded to the offending team. (Verbal notification will not be accepted).
c)      All postponed matches MUST be notified to the Secretary forthwith, any matches that are postponed and require rescheduling into the month of October, must seek approval by the committee, submitting a valid reason as to the need for the change in date. (AGM 2018)
d)      The Secretary will provide each club with a monthly Pool Progress Report.
e)      Each club will send a list of Pool fixtures to the Secretary before the commencement of the season, together with the name, address and telephone number of the current Captain.
f)        Copies of the current edition of these rules are to be sent to each Club Captain by the Secretary annually.
g)      Secretarial expenses agreed at the Annual General Meeting will be paid by each of the participating clubs before 31st. March 2003. Currently at £40.00 per team per season(2013).
h)      The Annual General Meeting of the league will be held no later than the first week of December each year.
i)        The rules can be altered or amended at the AGM or at any special meeting called for the purpose. Propositions for amendment must be seconded by another club and submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 28 days before the meeting. The proposed amendment(s) to be published in the Agenda for the meeting and circulated to each club 14 days before the meeting.
j)        Minutes of all general meetings of the league are to be sent to each participating Club Captain by the following March at the latest.
k)      The Executive Committee, whose decision will be final, will determine any matter not specifically covered in the rules.
l)        These rules and conditions can be altered or amended at the Annual General Meeting of E.G.M. called specifically for an amendment of the rules.m)    No business shall be transacted at any general or Special meeting unless a quorum of seven Members Clubs are present.

6. Pool Format (currently void due to one league system 2017/18)
Pool “A” will consist of seven teams. The top five teams from the previous seasons table plus the top two teams from Pool B.

Pool “B” will consist of eight teams. The bottom six teams from the previous seasons table plus the bottom two in Pool “A” will be moved to Pool “B”.

There will be two trophies awarded to the winners of the respective Pools, i.e. “The Rowley Jones Cup” for Pool “A” and “Three Counties Summer League Pool B” cup.

This format has been suspended moving into the 2019 season in favour of a one league system ( AGM 2018)

7. Dress Code 
In almost all Clubs a dress code is obligatory. Therefore when matches are being arranged, visiting Captains will be told of the dress code within the host Club, which must be strictly adhered to.

8. New Club Applications.
When a new Club applies for membership into the league, the following criteria will apply: –
a)      A  copy letter of the application will be circulated to all Captains within the league.
b)      The Club making the application will be visited by the Officers of the League and the Captain will be supplied with a copy of “The Rules” showing the format he will be expected to follow.
c)      In due course the application will be considered by the full membership at the next Annual General Meeting before final acceptance. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………