2016 AGM Minutes

Three Counties Summer league AGM 2016

Minutes of Meeting held at Carmarthen Golf Club

Committee present:- President; Mr. Kerry Rise Garnant Golf Club, Chairman; Mr. Richard Evans, Secretary; Mr. William Beynon.

Clubs Present:- ; Aberystwyth, Ashburnham, Carmarthen, Cwmrhydneuadd, Garnant Park, Glyn Abbey, Glynhir, Haverfordwest, Milford Haven, Penrhos, Priskilly Fforest, South Pembs, Tenby.

  1. President’s welcoming address:- Mr. Kerry Rise welcomed all present to the 53rd. AGM of the Rabbit’s Three Counties Summer League, and stated that it is amazing that this league started back in 1962. Kerry then thanked Carmarthen Golf Club for allowing us to use their club house to hold the AGM. Kerry congratulated South Pembs for holding what was a very successful open. The food was excellent and the course in superb condition.

Kerry congratulated Penrhos in becoming Pool B champions, and Tenby champions of Pool A after a very “nip and tuck” end of the season run in.

He stated that the Rabbit’s Open in 2017 will be held at Tenby and wished Martin all the best for the up and coming event which will be held on the 17th. June.

He concluded by sting that the Rabbit’s Society is where his heart is and thanked everyone for their support over the last 12 months.

  1. Apologise for absentee Clubs and Individuals:- None received.
  2. The minutes of the Last Meeting:- The minutes of the last AGM and accepted as a true record.
  3. Matters arising:- There were no matters arising.
  4. Chairman’s address:- “Hello and welcome to you all. As the outgoing chairman of the Three Counties Summer League and Rabbit’s Captain of South Pembs Golf Club my role tonight is to give a brief report on this year’s open held at South Pembs on the 18th. June. As a club we made some brave decisions with regards cost and how the day was to be run of which were proved correct, but we must be especially thankful to the weather which looked kindly on us all day. On the day 12 clubs and 110 players took part. Thank you all. Our course was in excellent condition providing a fair challenge to all. Help on the course meant that all games ran smoothly at a good pace and for this I thank my fellow Rabbit’s and members at South Pembs. The whole day is down to team effort both on and off the course. I hope that all players enjoyed the day, a day which I was proud to part of. Now onto the playing side. The following were the main prize winners…

Div A:- Rhys Jones Glyn Abbey 40pts BB9

Div B:- Terry Watkins South Pembs 40 pts.

Best Team:- South Pembs A Team. I John, Nick D, Richard B, Vance P, M & T Watkins… 210Pts.

Best 3 Ball:- Mike R and Richard W Evans South Pembs and Mark Edwards Tenby… 106pts.

Nearest the Pins:- tony Pratt Milford Haven, Barry S South Pembs, (No Car), Chris Smith Tenby, Terry W South Pembs.

Long Drives:- Steve Cole Tenby.

Finally 2’s B Fleetwood Carmarthen, T Pratt Milford Haven, S Williams and B Jones Garnant Prk.

Congratulations to you all and all other prize winners.

As can be seen there was a good spread of success between participating clubs. Again thank you from South Pembs and myself to all clubs and players who took part on the day. Finally can I ask for the same support from both clubs and players to Martin and Tenby at next years open. I wish you both every success and look forward to the day. Thank you all. “

  1. Secretaries report:- “As you all know this looks like my last year as Secretary of the Three Counties Summer League which I have had the honour for some 12 years or so. I have fond memories of many presidents and chairmen that have been appointed over the years and always tried to support them and the furtherance of the Three Counties Summer League. I n particular I would like to thank both Kerry Rise and Richard Evans for their support as President and Chairman not only this season of 2016 but also over the years that we have been involved together as the Executive Committee. They have been great support to me when I needed them, and I’m sure that they will continue to do so where the new Secretary is concerned, whom I wish all the best in his new role. My Hope is that you as members will continue to support and receive the joys of playing Rabbit Golf that can only be found in the Three Counties Summer League, and that this society will continue to provide that enjoyment for many years to come. It only leaves me to congratulate the winners and runners up in the respective Pool A and B leagues, and I look forward to seeing you next season as a team member of Tenby Rabbit’s. Good luck to all teams and to all members.”
  2. Appointment of Executive Committee:- President;- Mr. Kerry Rise, Garnant. Vice President:- Richard Evans, South Pembs. Chairman:- Martin Durham, Tenby. Secretary: Rhys Jones, Glyn Abbey.


  1. New Chairman’s Report:- “I would firstly like to thank Richard Evans for the great Open Day that he and the rest of the Rabbits from South Pembs had last year also thanking the other members that helped on the day, it was a great day, thank you Richard. On the same note as you are aware it is Tenby Rabbit’s Open next year. I cannot overstate at the moment the hard work and commitment our sub-committee are putting into next year’s Open, which without doubt will be a fantastic day with some great prizes. It seems every year the envelope is being pushed further with prizes etc., and with that goes all the hard work behind the scenes, I now know and truly understand what previous Captains have gone through, but I’m sure we will make every effort to make it a fantastic day. At the moment we already have a great deal of interest in our Open Day, so it would be in everybody’s interest to return entry forms with tee off times and money as soon as possible. By ending I would like to wish every player and club good luck no matter what format the league takes next year and I hope to see you all at Tenby, the date for your diaries is Saturday June 17th. Thank you all.”
  2. Member Proposals:-

The Executive Committee after a lengthy meeting has decided to place two proposals at the AGM this November 2016.

Proposition 1:- The Executive Committee felt that as a golfing society we should be encouraging the social aspect of the Three Counties Summer League with less emphasis on winning trophies and more emphasis on developing long lasting friendships between all clubs in the three counties, To this end it is proposed to run a one league system over a two year trial period based on the “Rugby Six Nations” type fixtures.

It was raised the legality of the proposition as it was raised by the committee.

A vote to Executive Committee to propose items AGM Agenda without needing clubs approval was approved (13 for , 1 against)

The proposal for a trial 2 year period of one league was approved (13 for 1 against)

Agreed that cup would be awarded at the end of each year.

This would be an experiment of 2 years with a review at both 12 and 24 months.


Proposition 2:- That a maximum shot limit of 9 is introduced for the 2017 season.

Several clubs opposed limiting as it might discourage higher handicappers

Proposal rejected 7v7 (chairman casting vote)


Proposal 3:- The minimum handicap to be changed to 15.

After discussion suggesting that several 28 handicappers had left due to playing against much better players.

 The proposal wasrejected (vote 1for 13 against) – therefore maintain 13 as lowest handicap

Proposal 4:-  4 points for an away win, 3 for a home win, 2 for an away half, 1 for a home half. No bonus system.

Several teams voiced that bonus points make it more competitive and less friendly an environment to play in . However others said that the bonus points ensures every game counts and people finish all the games in each match.

The proposal was rejected (2 for , 12 against) bonus points remain

Proposal 5:-  Minimum 8 pairs but since no bonus system a visiting team could be 9 or 10 pairs to encourage people to play.  The captain decides who plays with who, irrespective of handicap.

Majority of teams have struggled to find 6 pairs at times during the league.

No vote taken as unanimous agreement that this would not be pheasable currently- Proposal rejected

Proposal 6: – Appointment of Executive Committee… Proposed by Glyn Abbey and seconded by South Pembs That Rhys Jones of Glyn Abbey Rabbit’s be Secretary of Three Counties Summer League.

Expressions of thanks for his service to Mr Beynon for all clubs.

Mr Jones elected unanimously.

Proposal 7:- Proposed that the Current Chairman Richard Evans be appointed as Vice President of the Three Counties Summer League for the coming season 2017. Further Mr. Kerry Rise to remain as President for the 2017 season.

Agreed unanimously


Any Other Business

The New Secretary –

  1. A new website will be setup, and updated weekly. Captains should ensure all fixtures and results are sent promptly to the secretary so this can be achieved. There will also be a Facebook Three counties group set up.
  2. Bank Account – a new bank account will be opened and all the money paid tonight will be paid into this and then the intention is to pay a significant amount towards the prizes for the Rabbits Open.


The President –

1.Discussed the idea of turning league into charitable organisation, this may allow us to access funds from companies such as Santander, It was noted that we would need an elected treasurer to move forward with this.It was also proposed that we look at the possibility of a Rabbits Charity day,this could be discussed to be discussed next year.


Tenby – Mr Beynon has stepped down , but would like to continue to be a member on the committee. This was unanimously agreed , and it was noted that in the year 2000 there were 10-12 members on the committee, so an open invitation was made to others to join.

Executive Committee – should meet twice a year


Meeting ende