AGM 2017

Three Counties Summer League AGM


1. President’s Welcoming Address and Report.

As Kerry was not present Richard acted as stand in , welcomed everyone, and outlined the season as a whole , congratulating Milford on their win , and lamenting the fact that Cardigan are withdrawing from the league. He raised the one league system currently in use and stressed that it is a work in progress but we could discuss it during the meeting.

2. Apologies for Absentee Clubs or individuals.

Kerry Rise, Martin Durham and John Tovey sent apologies for non attendance.
As Martin is Chairman, Mark from Tenby agreed to stand in.

3. Minutes of the 2016 A.G.M.

Acceptance Proposed by Cwmrhydneuadd, Seconded by South Pembs – Approved unanimously

4. Matters Arising.

No matters were raised.

5. Chairman’s Report.-

Due to Martin Durham being unable to attend , Mark from Tenby stood in , and outlined the success of the Rabbits Open which they hosted, the overall winner was Rhys McCarley of Glynhir on 44pts. He thanked those clubs who attended and looked forward to attending this year’s , and if there was any assistance they could offer they would be glad to help.

6. Secretary’s Report.

Rhys Jones outlined that it had been a very pleasurable first season, the one league system seemed to be working however it was noted that come September several clubs had numerous games left to play for various reasons, and ever effort should be made to complete fixtures as early as possible , leaving September and October as time should it be needed to fulfill any outstanding fixtures rather than used as a regular part of the season.
Several issues had come up during the year which are to be addressed tonight , such as members at two clubs within the league playing , and female inclusion into the league. It was heartening to see the inclusiveness shown by all clubs on these matters.

The new website seemed to be working well and updating the league on a weekly basis was usually achieved as the level of communication by the Captains was very good. He hoped that this would continue.

7. General Discussion of One League Format-

Any matters arising to be voted at this point.

Richard Evans (Vice President )- Began the review. Acknowledging that it is not a perfect system , but when voted in it was agreed that it was a 2 year process, and we should leave it run its course. The fact that Cardigan have withdrawn from the league has complicated matters slightly, however this should not effect the trial,a full review could then be made at the end of this period.

Tenby suggested that we should return to the 2 league system early as it would increase the level of matches that had importance(promotion,relegation etc)
Penrhos- also not a fan of the one league system , however we should see it through the 2 years as originally voted.

Vote taken 11-1 to remain with one league for a second year with full review at next AGM.

Fixture schedule would remain the same despite Cardigan withdrawal.

8. Discussion as to the proposed changes to the CONGU Handicap system for 2018 – any matters to be voted on at this point.

It was agreed unanimously that an upper limit of 28 would be imposed on Handicaps, similar to the lower limit, However any player with a Handicap greater than 28 would be able to play unlike the lower limit, but they would have to play off the 28. The rules of the league will be amended to reflect this.

9. Decision on location of Rabbits Open – Open Vote
Clubs who have expressed interest so far

Milford Haven Golf Club
South Pembs Golf Club
Garnant Park Golf Club
Carmarthen Golf Club
Glynhir Golf Club

Before the result of the vote was announced, the representatives of Ashburnham, spoke to outline the circumstances which had led to them having to withdraw from hosting the Open this year. All present commiserated with their situation , and expressions of support were voiced from all sides.

It was agreed that there would be no change to the order of the clubs hosting the Open moving forward.

A vote was taken and MILFORD HAVEN GOLF CLUB will hold the 2018 Rabbits open.
As such Tony Pratt of Milford, joins the committee as 2018 Chairman.

10. Nominations and Appointment of Executive Committee.

The President nomination is Mr. Martin Durham of Tenby Golf Club.

The Vice President:- Mr. Richard Evans of South Pembs Golf Club.

The Chairman:- Mr Tony Pratt of Milford Haven Golf Club.

The Secretary:-Mr Rhys Jones of Glyn Abbey Golf Club

Ad Hoc Members – Mr Kerry Rise, Garnant Park Golf Club
Mr Bill Beynon, Tenby Golf Club

All nominees were elected unanimously

11. New Chairman’s Address.

Tony thanked all present and praised Ashburnham for attending and explaining the circumstances.

He said they had already a provisional date agreed with the club and they will ensure that a successful open would be had by all.

12. Member Club Proposals.

See below

13. Any Other Business.

no other business discussed

14. Presentation of Trophies

Milford Captain awarded the Division 1 winners trophy

Tenby awarded the division 2 trophy for finishing in 2nd place.

15. Close Meeting. 9-15pm


Proposed by Tenby Golf Club, seconded by Ashburnham Golf Club

Proposition 1:- As rule 1b has not been upheld this season – it is proposed that rule 1b should be rescinded.

The Tenby representatives outlined the issue of a members of two clubs representing one club in another competition and the second club in the Rabbits League.
All agreed that a member should only play for one club during the season,

South Pembs and several other clubs opposed the suggestion that the rule had not been upheld , but rather been applied in the spirit of inclusion that we are trying to foster. Application of this rule would also effect some teams more than others as their home clubs are outside the league and therefore make them ineligible to play at all.
Vote taken to rescind rule 1b) and unanimously agreed

The new 1b) “Players are only available for selection to the team representing their nominated home club , they maybe members of two clubs within the league, but may only represent one in this league (their nominated club) during that year.”

Proposition 2:- The Three Counties Summer League eligibility criteria rules 2a, b & c be adopted for eligibility of the Rabbit’s Three Counties Open Competition.

Proposed- Ashburnham, Seconded – Glyn Abbey.
Unanimously agreed that these rules be revised to apply to the Rabbits Open.

Proposed by South Pembs, Seconded By Glyn Abbey.

Proposal 3:- If a club postpones a fixture (other than home club for extreme weather rendering golf unsafe (i.e. extreme gale force wind or thunder and lightning) or course closed through adverse ground conditions (i.e. frost or water logged), then the club not postponing the fixture has the right to set rearranged fixture date with or without the agreement of the postponing club.

Proposal 4:-  If a club postpones a fixture (other than home club for extreme weather rendering golf unsafe (i.e. extreme gale force wind or thunder and lightning) or course closed through adverse ground conditions (i.e. frost or water logged), then the club not postponing the fixture has the right to set rearranged fixture date with or without the agreement of the postponing club.

Further the club not postponing the original fixture commences rearranged fixture with one point of match allocation of 6 points. This means the club postponing original fixture and causing rearrangement can achieve maximum 5 points in the rearranged fixture. The guaranteed match point concerns the last individual qualifying pairs match, which is normally match 6 if a team fields full minimum team of 6 pairs.

For each subsequent match postponement, the non-postponing club shall commence the subsequent rearranged fixture with a further match point allocation to a maximum of 6 points.

These proposals were discussed as one

Priskilly, Aberystwyth and Ashburnham did not agree that the away team could dictate when a fixture would be held.
Garnant were of the view that these were draconian suggestions and against the spirit of friendly competition.
Priskilly suggested that in the event of a walk over reduced points would apply.

Both Proposal 3&4 were withdrawn.

An agreement was made that the Executive committee would meet in the new year to discuss and possibly formulate a rule that would address the matter of short notice cancellation of matches, and a possible EGM would be needed to ratify if that was the case. This was passed unanimously.

Proposal 5:-  Clubs may field mixed gender teams and pairs. All females play off female CONGO handicap and off the same T points as males. Each hole stroke index is considered as the male indices. Pairs may consist of mixed or same gender.  If all female pair, hole par and stoke index considered as male rating. Individual hole par and stroke indices are different for males and females and provide unequal contest within a single pairs match.

This proposal was withdrawn in favour of the following amendment.

Ladies will abide by the rules of play for that that day as set by the home captain. The stroke index will be taken relevant to the male tees in play.
Priskilly nominated , Glyn Abbey seconded – passed unanimously

It was agreed that a new description of the league should be set to define those who may play.

The wording should be around the following which was agreed by all.
“This is league for 13- 36 Handicap golfers over the age of 16, of either gender.l

The Rabbits Open will be held at Milford Haven Golf club on June 16th