Milford Rabbits Open Tee off Times

Tee off Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
8:28 am John Morris Richard Evans Wyndham Collins
8:36 am Neil Larkworthy Richard Bury Alan Edwards
8:44 am Richard Thomas E Harrison Phil Carpenter
8:52 am Martin Toms K Smith Chris Smith
9:00 am Mark Martin Gareth Bonet T Watkins
9:08 am Bleddyn Williams 1 Dylan John M Watkins
9:16 am Gary Walton Peter Lawrence K Thompson
9:24 am Jay Ramsurran Wayne Hallet C Kaijaks
9:32 am Peter Thomas Jim Hughes Ian Jarvis
9:40 am Matthew Eynon Jonathan Slark Bill Beynon
9:48 am X X X
9:56 am X X X
10:04 am Shane Conway Wyn Lewis Caryn Evans
10:12 am Rhodri Hancock Mike Chandler Elwyn Morgan
10:20 am Mark Richards Luke Davies George Laidlaw
10:28 am Neal Evans Jeff Wallace Kevin Williams
10:36 am Anthony Davies Derek Coles Paul Temple
10:44 am Adam Dart Christopher Harding Rhys Jones
10:52 am Craig Patrick Mark Edwards Paul John
11:00 am Iwan Price Stuart Cole John Tovey
11:08 am Dan Roberts D Street Alan Sampson
11:16 am Ashley Williams S Lee Nigel Furneaux
11:24 am Mike Davies Leigh Harteveld Shaun Tavener
11:32 am Carwyn Williams Tim Morgan-Jones Peter Turton
11:40 am Tim Williams Stuart Owen Adrian Evans
11:48 am Stuart Williams Karl Power Laurence Jackman
11:56 am Selwyn Morgan Mal Lewis Mark Smith
12:04 pm Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor
12:12 pm Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor
12:20 pm Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor
12:28 pm Ross Gwillym Dai Welsh Kenneth Davies
12:36 pm Peter Gomer Gary George Dave Evans
12:44 pm Geoff White Joe Howlin Steve Watkins
12:52 pm Gerry Carroll Dougie Bowen Peter Taylor
1:00 pm Mike Cook Steve Maynard Peter Fowler
1:08 pm Don Sweeney Sheldon Jeff Button
1:16 pm Paul Thomas Daz John Lewis
1:24 pm Don Richards Paul N Grant Watkins
1:32 pm S Vokes Adrian Palmer Ted Stanley-Knight
1:40 pm C Stevens Robin Bradbay Ken Phillips
1:48 pm Ieuan Beckerleg Paul Crawford TBD
1:56 pm Trevor George Mike Williams TBD
2:04 pm Paul Eva TBD TBD

If there are any issues please can you contact Milford.


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2 Responses to Milford Rabbits Open Tee off Times

  1. Carwyn Evans says:

    By the look of the email I can see 3 mistakes from Carmarthen point of view. No Bob Fleetwood or Jimmy Myo & Elwyn Morgan has been changed to Alistair Laidlaw. I did inform the treasurer last weekend of all the changes & wrote it down for him.


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