April Results and League Positions

Ashburnham V Tenby

Tenby 4.5 matches, Ashburnham 2.5 matches. Tenby away win.

Tenby 8.5 points, Ashburnham 2.5 points.

Penrhos V Garnant

Penrhos 3 matches, Garnant 3 matches. Match halved

Penrhos 4 points, Garnant 6 points

Carmarthen V Glynhir

Carmarthen 5 matches, Glynhir 2 matches. Home win.

Carmarthen 8 points, Glynhir 2 points.

Glyn Abbey V Penrhos

Glyn Abbey 2 matches, Penrhos 5 matches. Away win

Glyn Abbey 1 point, Penrhos 10 points.

Tenby V Haverfordwest

Tenby 3 matches, Haverfordwest 3 matches. Match halved

Tenby 4 points, Haverfordwest 6 points.

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