Agm Agenda

Three Counties Summer League AGM

2018 AGM Agenda

1. President’s Welcoming Address and Report.

2. Apologies for Absentee Clubs or individuals.

3. Minutes of the 2017 A.G.M.

4. Matters Arising.

5. Chairman’s Report.

6. Secretary’s Report.

7. Review of One League Format-
Discussion and vote on proposal –
“to keep one league format moving forward , or return to two league structure”

If Two league structure returned,

discussion and vote on Garnant Proposal, seconded by Aberystwyth .

“That the League is made up of 2/3 divisions based on numbers and geographical location. The current league system, of playing 13 league games, is too onerous, as it causes issues with club competitions and rearranging games. It also takes up half of the summer season of 26 weekends and, becomes a financial burden on members who have traveling and inflated meal costs to pay.”

Also to be discussed if required

Committee proposal

To abide by standings at the 2016 season, or standings as they are now? (7 teams in league 1 as Cardigan dropped out when in league 2) or to divide the league as with the positions relative to the 2018 season.

10. Nominations and Appointment of Executive Committee.
The President nomination is – TBD.  of Tenby Golf Club.
The Vice President:- Mr Tony Pratt of Milford Haven Golf Club.
The Chairman:- TBD Of Haverfordwest Golf Club
The Secretary:-Mr Rhys Jones of Glyn Abbey Golf Club
Ad Hoc Members -Mr Bill Beynon, Tenby Golf Club, others welcome to join

11. New Chairman’s Address.

12. Committee & Member Club Proposals.

13. Any Other Business.

14. Close Meeting.

Club and Committee Proposals

Proposed by the Committee

1.As it is harder for an away team to gain any sort of result this proposal is reward an away team by altering the points structure, it also might encourage more to play away.

“ home draw 1pt, away draw 3pts , home win 3pts, away win 5 pts.”

2. ALL matches should be concluded by the last weekend of September. Any matches held after this date can take place but will not count towards the league.

Proposed by Garnant, seconded by Carmarthen / Aberystwyth

3.That teams are made up of 6 pairs. – courtesy of the course to be offered to visiting teams.

4.That the minimum handicap is raised to 15. This would be in line with the purpose of creating The Rabbits League, – “to meet the needs of high handicap players”

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