Results , walkovers and outstanding fixtures

It has been a chaotic few weeks , with fixtures being cancelled, conceded and even in some cases played!

I have also been away with work a lot so am now able to publish what I think is a correct league Table (see next post).

It is a two horse race with Garnant and Carmarthen in the running. Carmarthen have 2 games left but both are away

This is a list of what fixtures I have worked out are still to be played…

Carmarthen @ Aberystwyth
Carmarthen @ Priskilly
Aberystwyth @ Glyn Abbey
Cwmrhydneuadd @ Glyn Abbey
Milford @ Haverfordwest
Priskilly @ Haverfordwest
Tenby @ Haverfordwest
Priskilly @ South Pembs

As you can see a few of these are crucial so playing them will effect the overall outcome of the league.

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