Happy New Year & an Update on the plan for 2021

Firstly, I hope you are all well, and despite this recent surge in Covid-19 over the winter months and the closure once again of our Golf clubs , chomping at the bit to get back playing golf this summer.

Back in November the committee and all the Rabbit Captains were invited to take part in a very simplified AGM .

The only two Items on the agenda were , should the 2021 Rabbits season go ahead, and secondly if so what format should be used, ( keeping in mind there maybe continued restrictions impacting on play – that may need to be factored in at a later date).

There were several options suggested , but the winner was that Tenby suggestion which is as follows-

A Champions League style Group and Knockout structure for this year only.This is to reduce travel and sharing of transport, and decreasing the risk of cancellation if certain counties re enter lockdown etc.

This will be reviewed at next years AGM. The Leagues are as follows –

Group A – Ashburnham, Glyn Abbey, Glynhir, Garnant 

Group B- Carmarthen, Tenby, Haverfordwest 

Group C – Priskilly, Milford Haven, South Pembs

Group D – Cwmrhydneuadd, Aberystwyth, Penrhos

The winners of each group will enter the Cup Semi Finals. The second place teams in each group will enter the knockout Shield, and The 3rd place teams will enter the knock out Bowl. 
Fixtures will be played home and away. Using the same scoring system as previous years. The aim is that All Group fixtures must have taken place by the end of July.

The aim is to have the Semi finals in August and Finals in late August/ early September.

The number of pairs this year will be fixed to 6 . This ensures a competitive match at all times.

The hope is that the knockouts will be held at neutral venues (restrictions allowing).

The draw for the knockouts will be made on the evening of the last Sunday of July for each semi final and the neutral venues decided on the clubs participating. ( Can I request clubs interested in being neutral venues contact me ). 

A finals Weekend / Day will be held to host the finalists from the  , proposed to be at Glyn Abbey, but this can be altered to suit restrictions and teams that make the finals.

Food provision post match is not a  prerequisite to any match taking place this year. If it is able to be provided in a safe and responsible way then it should be offered.

Due to the position that we find ourselves in , and wanting to put on the best experience possible, The Rabbits Open will be postponed again this year.

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